Professional training program................      by  industrial experts

About Us

G2G Innovation LLP is a CAD & CAE training center started by group of NIT'ns with decades of experience in the field of Mechanical Design & Engineering Services. Our team have a working knowledge of many different industries and technologies. They are adept at designing both single components and complicated assemblies, often using the latest manufacturing techniques available.   We are able to design for many different manufacturing processes, with a broad knowledge of material selection and process optimization.

Our Promise

We promise to work with Integrity at a speed of cutting edge of technology and innovation for training engineers to meet todays industrial requirement


Our mission is a longstanding commitment of providing excellence:

  • To help Engineers achieve their objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class design and FEA Training. 
  • To provide skilled Engineers to our clients across the globe
  • To make it a joy for all stakeholders to work with us.


“To become one of the leaders in the Design engineering & FEA training service business.

Core Values

Integrity, Leading Change, Continual Improvement, Respect for the Individual, Excellence, Learning and Sharing.

How  we work

We believe that the key to successful product and process innovation is to embed a culture of creative and innovative thinking. We apply multidisciplinary teams with diverse styles to the varied challenges that are presented to us, enabling some truly unique solutions to be realized. Our workforce is highly qualified, skilled and diverse – one which thrives on new and unique opportunities.