Career Opportunities In Design And FEA Analysis

Career Opportunities In Design And FEA Analysis

Below mentioned are a few among many Industries engaged in the Design, FEA Analysis, and Manufacturing of various Products, In India and around the Globe

Career Opportunities In Design And Fea Analysis

In these organizations, Millions of Employees are engaged in various Design & Analysis Activities like Drafting, 2D-3D Conversion, 3D-2D Conversion, Part Design, Product Design, Product Integration, Per-Processing, Executing various analyses, documentation, Failure Mode Analysis, Design Optimization, Product Development, Prototyping, etc.
Every year thousands of freshers are recruited by these Industries as GET through Campus Drive, Walk-In, or Training Institutes. Many aspirants appear for the selection process in campus drive and walk-in but only a few make thought.

Some of the major reasons for failure are –
1. Limiting your learning to College Lab CAD/CAE Practical
2. Learning Software in Bundle of 5-6 at a time.
3. Learning only basic Software.
4. Lack of Practical knowledge in Design/FEA Analysis
5. Lack of advanced software Knowledge & Domain Knowledge
6. Lack of Practice
7. Learning less demanding/used software
8. Lack of awareness of Industrial requirement
9. Lack of Confidence
10. Lack of Technical Knowledge
11. Attitude

To successfully enter into the field of Design and FEA Analysis an Engineer should make a road map and implement it to develop the Skills required by today’s Industries.

(Refer to our article – “Road Map to Make Career in Design and FEA Analysis” for more details)

Selection Process Practiced by Most of the Industries

Career Opportunities In Design And Fea Analysis

In this era of high competition Industries are not in a position to spend time training fresh graduates, they prefer candidates with hands-on on advanced software, and Domain Knowledge relevant to the products they design and manufacture.
Most of the organizations offer positions of GET – Design / GET – CAE to fresh graduate engineers and PGET – Design / PGET – CAE to post Graduates after recruitment. Some organizations prefer higher freshers as Design Engineers or CAE Engineers.

Below are the designations an Engineer can hold in his Career

Career Opportunities In Design And Fea Analysis


The above designation may vary from organization to organization.

Based on the Performance, Contribution, Commitment, Managerial quality, Leader quality, Attitude, Communication, Soft Skills, and other organization’s desirable qualities an engineer is promoted to the next higher designation.
Many of the engineers get retired and will not make it to the top positions during their careers. But some extraordinary engineers with a great vision go beyond and make their position as Managing Director or Board Member demonstrating their extremely good Technical and Leadership Qualities.
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